How Content Marketing can Make Your Insurance Agency Stand Out

For a long time, Internet marketing was a big question mark: It was so new that nobody knew what would work in advertising online, and there were a lot of experiments, good and bad. Finally, in the last few years, we’ve started to work out a cohesive theory for how to efficiently market online.
Content marketing is now the name of the game for virtually all online advertising, and it turns traditional marketing on its ear.
If you’re new to content marketing, or you’re looking for a new insurance marketing technique to try out, read on to find out why you need to plan a website redesign in your schedule for the near future.

How Content Marketing Works

Traditional marketing is also called “push” marketing because it relies on inserting advertisements into people’s lives – pushing the messages out. Bulk mail, billboards, and TV ads are all forms of push marketing.
The problem is, this doesn’t work on the Internet. Since there are billions of web pages, if you annoy someone with too many ads distracting them, they’ll just surf to another website.
Instead, content marketing aims to get the message across by creating advertising that people want to see. It targets Google, where people search for information. Basically, if you provide Life Insurance to people in Ohio, you want people searching for “Ohio Life Insurance” to see your website before they see the competition.
If you aim to display useful and informative content online, you will be rewarded with more prominent placement in Google’s search results. If you write the guide to Ohio life insurance that everyone links to, your site also becomes the top result when people search for that.
Your own expertise can become your own best insurance marketing strategy.

How Content Makes Your Insurance Marketing Stand Out Online

Content marketing could especially make a difference when selling insurance, since marketing insurance online is a tough task right now. The field is dominated by a handful of leading marketers who can afford expensive nationwide ad buys, making it difficult for the smaller businesses to make a living.
However, content marketing offers a solution to the problem, which is precision-targeted advertising. Let the big guys spend millions of dollars covering the airwaves with one-size-fits-all commercials. ip locator . The Internet is the land of targeted marketing. Your blog and its content, can all be used to demonstrate who exactly your website attracting all while making them more likely to find you in searches.
The broad reach of the Internet makes it far more likely for your message to reach a more specific audience than you could reach through offline airwaves.

Fans Spread News Of Your Insurance Marketing

This is the other innovation of content marketing: Taking “participation” gimmicks of the 60’s and 80’s to the next level. Now, content marketing assumes that the social medias participation is done in part by the customers who are fans of your product. Through services like Facebook and Twitter, viewers have access to understand your business and what you have to say.
All you have to do is write something interesting (or funny) enough that they want to share it.
You aren’t firing blindly into the dark with content marketing. You can market your insurance to a specific audience, then start forming an actual online group of them that participate directly in your social media activities. Get a stable enough group, and you’ll have a go-to source full of marketing insights and feedback.
Add interesting articles to your website, then begin telling people about it. That’s all you have to do in order to get your foot in the door with content-based insurance marketing!

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