4 Tips For Branding Your Insurance Agency

As with any sector of the economy, one of the most important parts of marketing an insurance agency is branding. Branding can indeed attract people to your company or even scare them away. It’s very important to know how to create an effective brand for your insurance agency.

1. Branding Is More Than Advertising

Branding isn’t as simple as just putting out a new advertisement. Instead, it should exist as a strategy with a theme that encompasses all facets of a company. This should include the agency’s insurance products, its mission statement and how it wishes the public to perceive it.

2. Consciously Plan Your Brand

Overall, the brand you want to achieve is something you must sit down and consciously plan. Not doing so may allow the public or, even worse, your competitors to dictate how you are defined. The branding that you settle on should be extended to all parts of your company including your offices, advertisements, literature, website and even your personal brand.

3. Your Logo Matters

Your logo is important. It can be a good idea to make sure the logo includes both your name and the fact you are in the insurance business. It should be in a font that is very easy to read. Everything else included in the logo, such as graphics or design elements, should be simple and easily distinguishable. Choose iconography that fits in with the themes you’ve chosen for your branding.

4. Your Brand Will Evolve

Don’t be afraid to make adjustments. While you don’t want to be too reactionary, customer feedback is important and should be taken into account. If your existing branding doesn’t seem to be working, it is okay to occasionally rebrand. However, rebranding too often may confuse the public and lead to losing customers. If you do decide to rebrand, make sure you have a solid plan for doing so and effectively communicate it to all your staff and existing customers.

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