4 Ways To Generate More Insurance Referrals With Social Media

Networking is a proven way of bringing in new business for insurance agents, and now you can make it even more productive by incorporating social media. Facebook and other similar sites have become some of the best tools for business. It has become possible to reach people who were nearly impossible to reach regularly through conventional business channels and strategies. Consider the following tips:

Connect After Networking

It is typical to exchange business cards with a new contact or acquaintance, but follow up can be rather awkward. Unless of course the person specifically requests a business quote, you don’t actually have a genuine reason for contacting them. You can now ask for a social media connection through email.

Invite All Of Your Contacts To Your Social Media Pages

Are you sure that your agency has connected to all of your current customers on social media? It should be an ongoing effort as your list is likely growing each month. Perhaps the most effective method is to reach out to your email list directly and simply invite them to your social pages directly through an email. You can also encourage the chances of connection by including social media links on your website, blog posts, and email signature.

Sharing Your Rewards Program On Social Media

Some agencies have a referral rewards program. It is a simple concept: when someone refers a potential customer to you for an insurance quote, they receive a reward in the form of an entry into a contest. You could incorporate a rewards program into your social media page in several ways including posting photos of contest winners, mentioning your rewards program, and posting thank you messages.

Get Your Staff Involved

Agencies can multiply their current efforts by bringing in members of their sales team on social media. Some agencies are recruiting their sales producers to become part of one overall networking organization. Coaching agents on “social selling” can also help to generate profitable relationships online.

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