5 Customer Service Skills That Every Agent Should Know

What do you do as an insurance agent to go above the norm for your clients? What steps do you take to see that your clients are satisfied with the service you provide? One fact in any industry is great customer service can be rewarded with referrals. Referrals are one of the best types of advertising methods in marketing – and it’s free!

Here are some steps you can take to become an excellent insurance agent and provide great customer service:

  1. Patience ~ This should be at the top of any customer service “must do” list. Patience is not only important to the client but it shows the client that you are there to help when they are frustrated or they don’t understand something.
  2. Clear communication ~ It’s great to take your time and get to know your client, but make sure you are addressing the client’s needs first. This way they know you are concerned about their needs and wants.
  3. Attentiveness ~ For a number of reasons attentiveness is very crucial for providing great customer service. Cultivate the ability to really listen to a client can be distracted.
  4. Product knowledge ~ Some of the best insurance agents have a deep knowledge for all the products they provide.
  5. Ability to use “Positive Language” ~ Making minor changes in your conversation pattern can go a long way when creating a satisfied client. Your language choices reflect positively on you and the company you represent.

Good customer service is about understanding your client, operating your business for your clients’ needs to make sure they are happy. Hopefully, they will pass on their great experience to a friend, family member or their business associates.

Lhea Inzalaco
MiniCo Insurance Agency

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