5 Ways To Write Better Insurance Agency Blog Posts

Companies that maintain a weekly blog have 55 percent more visitors than websites that do not utilize a blog (hubspot). That’s a great return for an average of just 300 words per week. If you are considering starting a blog for your insurance agency, there are a few things you should know before you start writing:

1. Know What You Want To Achieve

Before writing anything, you need to identify your primary goal. Do you want to provide detailed information to your customer base? Do you have a goal of establishing yourself as a leading professional in your field? Once you understand the goal you want to achieve, you can start generating targeted content.

2. Stick To A Schedule

If you cannot find the time to write a weekly blog post, you should wait until you can dedicate enough time for a weekly update. Readers expect new blog posts at regular intervals. You will lose visitors if your posting schedule is inconsistent.

3. Write In A Consistent Voice

Some insurance agencies use multiple authors and even guest posts. This is an excellent strategy, but it does require oversight to ensure the tone remains consistent. You can accomplish this by posting a description of your company’s personality along with the writing guidelines.

4. Be Engaging And Positive

All blog posts should be conversational and engaging. The content should encourage visitors to provide feedback. Your opinion on the issue should be clear to anyone reading the blog. No one wants to read doom and gloom information, so your content should make readers feel optimistic. If the topic is negative, make sure you provide suggestions for improvement.

5. No Hard Sales

Offer a subtle sales pitch. Visitors to your site do not want a hard sell. Establish a relationship with your visitors before you mention selling your products. Utilize social media and include links to your content on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. When you create an engaging environment, blogging will feel less like a chore and more like an opportunity.
A blog allows your insurance agency to reach a global audience while listening to each visitor’s opinion. It is a great way to get feedback and increase your sales.

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