6 Cold Calling Tips for Insurance Agents

Making insurance cold calls is for some a dreaded and frustrating task. Make your calling more effective with these 6 tips:

1) Ask Questions

Focus all of your attention on your potential client. Make sure that he or she knows that you want to help them. If you only talk about the product or what you do, the client will not feel involved.

2) Prepare for the Call in Advance

It is important that you plan the questions you are going to ask ahead of time. Your questions should work in a logical order, and you should arrange them from general inquiries to asking for more specific information.

3) Keep Meetings Relaxed

Going in with minimal materials can relieve any pressure that the customer may have. If the client asks for more information on your insurance services, you can always return to the car to retrieve samples and/or brochures.

4) Don’t Worry About Selling During Your First Call

No one should feel pressured to purchase goods or services on the spot. The purpose of the first cold call is to establish a trusting relationship.

5) Forget about Cold Calling Scripts

Reading from a script can sound impersonal. Simply keep asking your planned questions. Remember that the call is about getting to know your potential client as an individual. After you have built a relationship, you should try to set up a first meeting at a time that is convenient for the client.

6) Maintain a Relaxed Atmosphere

When a prospect associates you with a feeling of calm, he or she will be more likely to buy from you. It may take longer to make a sale this way, but this approach will improve your closing rate.
When you make the right kinds of cold calls, you will generate good leads, establish the right kinds of relationships with your customers, and maximize your sales.

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