6 Simple Ways to Save Time and Increase Productivity as an Insurance Agent

Try these six simple ways to get more done around the office as an insurance agent:

Plan Your Day Ahead Of Time

The night before your day of work, create a set list of things you must do in your work day. Create a to-do list and try to schedule everything in your day.

Skip The Least Important Task

You can’t do it all. There will be certain meetings you won’t attend, tasks you cannot complete, and a small assignment you just can’t do well. If it’s not that important, rush it (if you can still keep the quality up) or consider skipping that task and completing the next task instead.

Give Tasks To Others

If you have an assistant, give them the chance to finish the small tasks or assignments in your work day so you can get more work done.

Schedule Your Time

Try to schedule out your to-do list. If you are working on an assignment and it needs to be done soon, try to set a time of when you will finish it. Choose a time that is realistic but also helps with your productivity.

Important Job First

If there is a responsibility that’s extremely important, do that first, and as soon as possible. This may help you to get more work done and also help you to focus on priorities.

Set A Time To Leave

If you’re an independent agent, you may have a time planned when you arrive at work, but you may not plan when you’ll leave! Knowing that you will be out of the office at exactly 5:30 p.m. can help boost your productivity overall.

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