Being Productive During the Holidays

The holidays can be a pleasant time for a lot of employees; it can also be a time where productivity in the office runs thin. A lot of agents will be in and out taking vacations or occasionally getting hit with a cold. So, the challenge falls on you to keep the agents ready to work and strive for success during this last month of the year.

If the holiday season leads to a slowdown in your agency, take the time to review team goals compared to the previous year and start setting them for the next. Give your agents time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t so you can learn what to aim for next year. Now is an excellent opportunity to build your team relationships and make sure you are creating a comfortable working dynamic in which your agents can thrive.

Try to find ways, if possible, to reward your agents for the various tasks they’ve done throughout the year. Find a way to incorporate everyone into this. By doing so, you are not only motivating your agents to keep up with good work, but also creating a work culture that celebrates each other’s accomplishments.

If there seems to be a big lull in the office, it may be worth giving everyone a 10-minute break. You could even bring the office hot chocolate or just tell everyone to stretch a little. When the break ends, talk to everyone earnestly and state your expectations: if there’s work to be done, it needs to get done. By respecting your employees and giving them a micro-break, you’ll improve your relationships, and there should be less procrastination. Remember though, your employees will mirror your behavior. If you are showing up to the office 30 minutes late every day, you are setting the expectation that it’s acceptable behave that way.

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