Asking Your Employees to be on Instagram

If you are looking to grow your agency’s profile on Instagram, it will be important to get employees involved as band ambassadors. Participating in this role will add a new layer of responsibility for those who accept the challenge, but it will also give them an enhanced level of ownership in the agency’s marketing efforts and may promote a happy work culture.

Have Employees Post on Instagram From Work

Chances are your employees may already be posting midday selfies from the office. By encouraging them to post appropriate content and tag the address or business using location on Instagram, you could better promote your agency to the local audience.

Instagram Stories is another way you can start getting your employees to engage more with your brand. Ask that they @ mention your agency’s profile within their stories, turning their simple workday snippets into more eyes on the agency.

Add Agency Information to Their Personal Bios

Ask willing employees to add your agency name and their job title to their profile descriptions. If they tag the agency in this process, people viewing their profiles will be able to click the link and see your page. This could also add a level of professionalism to their personal profiles.

Host an Internal Competition

Friendly competitions can be fun for employees and encourage them to come up with creative ideas to get goals accomplished. Have a contest to determine who can get the most likes on a photo on the agency’s Instagram, or who on the team posted the best photo for the week. You don’t have to run a competition every week, but it’s a good way to boost morale whenever there’s a stagnant moment and the team could benefit from some team building. Keep prizes simple such as letting the winners head home early on a Friday.

Monitor Instagram Usage

Of course, if you are going to ask your employees to start using their Instagram accounts to represent some aspects of your agency, you are going to have to occasionally monitor their social media usage to be sure that everything they post about your agency is appropriate and that their personal posts do not reflect poorly on the  business.

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