Customer Feedback is the Lifeline of the Insurance Agency

Customer service and customer feedback are two things that can make or break an insurance agency. Customer service is something you have direct control over. However, even seasoned insurance agents with the best customer service skills can’t control the customer feedback that is received. Turning customer feedback into positive reviews and content for your website and social media will help your agency become more engaging, professional, and trusted. Here are some tips to help you get started on obtaining feedback and using it to benefit your insurance agency.


You need to have an option on your website for clients to read and write reviews. Today’s customers are smart. They know how to use the internet and social media to their advantage, from learning a new skill to researching the type of insurance coverage they may need. This is where including client reviews on your website benefits your agency. Reviews allow you to address and oversee any issues that may arise and understand how others are talking about your insurance agency. As an insurance agent or owner, it is important to know what people are saying about the business.

Gain Trust

These days people are more likely to trust messages from other customers rather than the agency or business. Posting reviews on your website communicates to prospective customers that the company is transparent and doesn’t have anything to hide. Seeing that other people have had good experiences with your agency can give them a greater sense of trust that they will also have a positive experience.

If you get negative feedback, you have the power to publicly address the situation and turn it around. This demonstrates that the agency is active in monitoring reviews and is willing to acknowledge when there is a problem and take action to improve. Customers may not expect perfection, but they tend to value a company that is willing to be transparent about their misses as well as their hits. If a company’s website contains only glowing feedback, it could give the illusion of being too good to be true.

Show Engagement

Prospects want to know that the agency is active. A website that hasn’t been updated in years or online reviews that are outdated can make the company look stale. Encourage clients to leave honest and feedback whenever they interact with your agency.

The next step is to engage with the reviews. You don’t have to comment only on the negative reviews. Remember that when commenting on feedback, positive or negative, to always be gracious, acknowledge the situation described in the review, and, if it’s negative feedback, offer to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.At the end of the day, you can’t make everyone happy, but you can do your best to demonstrate that you care about customer service and that your insurance agency is engaged and worthy of your clients’ trust.

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