Is Cold Calling Dead?

There are hundreds of different ways to communicate to a prospect today, more than at any other point in time. It seems like a new app or communication tool is introduced every day. Telephone calling has been a tried-and-true communication tool for marketers for many years, but is it still relevant today? With all these different forms of communication, cold calling might not be the best way to approach prospects and customers. So if a growing number of people don’t like talking on the phone or answering calls, does that make cold calling a thing of the past?

A Different Game

No, cold calling isn’t dead. It’s still an effective communication tool, but the strategies for cold calling have changed over the years. The internet makes it really easy to Google someone’s name and instantly find out a few things about them. This is a huge advantage that can make a cold call more like a warm call. Knowing just two facts about the person you call can help you establish a more personal connection with them. In the business world, LinkedIn is an excellent tool to learn a little bit about the business and the professional background of the person you’re getting ready to contact.

Data Collection

There are ways to gather information about your prospects other than Googling them. It can start at your website. When people visit your website, you should be collecting their information. This can be down by asking them to sign up for a newsletter or fill out a lead form that will tell you a little more about them. This way you can obtain their contact information and easily reach out to them. The best part is that someone who is willing to give you their information is generally already interested in your products and services.

At the end of the day, although the practice of cold calling is a little different today, it is still one of the most effective marketing tools available. The strategy that worked 20 years ago may not work as well today, but cold calling in its updated form is still an effective tool.

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