Email Marketing for Insurance Agents

Ninety-one percent of consumers check their email once a day. While we always talk about the benefits of building a following on social media, that does not mean you should be ignoring email marketing opportunities. On Facebook, as little as two percent of your audience is being reached just through organic posting. The time has come to make sure you are taking advantage of email marketing to fully reach your audience. 

One fear you might have when starting to look into the vast world of email marketing is that your email list is not large enough. A small list, however, does not mean you can’t start working on your email marketing campaigns. Instead, it means that you need to keep building your list. This can mean asking for an email address during every call, running a contest that encourages sign ups, and/or building landing pages made to capture email addresses.

As you build your lists, start brainstorming about the many different types of campaigns you could run. Pick out a member of your team an agent or marketer to be in charge of email campaigns. You don’t want more than one person dabbling around in whichever email services you choose to use, as it could lead to confusion over what is going on.

Popular campaigns for insurance include a conversion campaign for new leads, reaching out to customers who just submitted either a quote or a contact form asking for information. By reaching out right away, you are able to keep them engaged with your agency instead of letting them continue to look for new agents who might get back to them faster.

There are other campaigns that can bring you success such as claims and account renewal. Keep in mind that you need to align the right message to the right customer. If someone has been your client for years, then they probably should not be getting the same email as someone whom you want to convert into a new client.

Once you master your campaign, identify the right set of customers for that message and a great subject line to draw them into opening the email. Now you are ready to begin your journey into email marketing. Take a deep breath and know there’s going to be a lot of learning ahead.

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