Using Your Social Media Accounts as Social Proof for Insurance

What is social proof?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people start taking on the actions of others in different situations. It can happen when you may be unsure of what action to take and look to your peers to follow their behavior. In the online marketing world, this can be easily seen through reviews. When you are unsure of a purchase, you tend to research more about the product or company from which you are thinking of purchasing, and those reviews can easily make or break a sale.

There are more ways to take advantage of your online presence to create different types of social proofs that build trust, leads, and insurance sales.

One of the most passive ways to go about this is to build followers on your social platforms. There is a validity that comes with a higher number of likes or followers. Try to be authentic when you are building your followers and don’t dive head first into “follow for follow” trends. Remember, you still want your followers and the people you are following to be relevant to your agency.

Online reviews and ratings are only one form of social proof related to your online account. While they are important, you also want to push other metrics like user engagement. A like or comment can build viability on a Facebook ad. A comment from someone can help add substance to that ad and draw the eye of an ever-scrolling customer. Conversations, reactions, and likes can make postings on different platforms appear more organically. These are very important if you are running any promotional ads.

People’s friends are great influences on them. Your actions on social media are most likely seen by your friends. If you like a new page or post a reply within a conversation, there’s a chance that some of your friends will see those interactions. Leverage this to reach more people. Encourage conversation and make content that people are going to want to react to. The more engagement you get with your fans, the more their friends will be able to see and be aware of your agency.

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