Getting More Hot Insurance Leads

Niche Marketing

Do you offer a very specific type of insurance that not everyone would need? If so, you should take advantage of niche marketing. Become an expert in these specific areas and work to serve the needs of those potential customers. Try to become known in these fields and remember that the more unique you are, the less competitive the market.
In order to run very specific pay per click (PPC) campaigns, set up specific landing pages for each one of these specialty insurance types. If you want to go all out, you could create a separate website, blog and social media accounts to reach the target markets of each of your specialty insurance products. While this does take time, taking this extra step could help you rank high in a natural search for these services, and you would not need to spend as much money on ads.

Be More Modern with Your Marketing

Going where the people are is still very important. In the current market, people are going straight to their social networks and staying there for a large percentage of the time they spend online. Your marketing needs to reflect that.
Make sure you are staying freshly engaged with your community through these social networks. While you can use social platforms purely for promotion and use an account to run ads, the most effective use of social media is to build your customer base and foster leads in that social space.
Each social media platform has a specific way to run advertisements, and you may see a higher result than Google Ads. The click itself from Facebook or another network may yield a higher conversion rate. You really need to be spending time and experimenting to figure out the sources of your leads.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

Make sure you are able to track each of your conversions so you can find out where they are coming from and invest more time and money into those avenues. That way you are not throwing money in the dark. Remember that even if you are seeing ads or links being clicked, it does not mean that person is converting into a lead.
It’s even better if you can follow through even more and track which one of those leads actually converts into a client and what sources they’re coming from. Remember even if your lead numbers are not what you want them to be, your ads and work on these avenues are increasing your agency’s visibility, which will lead to clients down the line. It may at first seem like these clients came out of the blue, when in fact they have seen your content and brand before thanks to your efforts on social media.

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