Advertising on Facebook? 5 Things You Need to Know

179982708Facebook is a great tool for promoting your insurance agency. It’s free for anyone to use, and it can get you a vast new worldwide audience. Plus, its advertising options are both affordable and extensively customizable.

So let’s look into getting the most out of Facebook insurance marketing!
Five Tips For Advertising Your Insurance Business On Facebook
1 – Visuals Are Seen More
One of the challenges in using Facebook for marketing is simply being seen – the flurry of posts all day means there’s often a short window in which someone can log in and see a post you make. One way to give yourself an edge is to favor visuals. Pictures and video get the highest priority, making them more likely to gain impressions.
2 – Inspire Interaction
Simply ‘liking’ your insurance business page isn’t enough for a fan to keep receiving updates about your business. The more they interact with you – such as sharing your materials or posting comments – the higher a priority your posts get. A high number of ‘likes’ is great, but get your fans talking too!
3 – Keep Promoted Posts Relevant
A lot of Facebook users are low to embrace promoted posts, and for good reason – they can feel spammy, especially since they only are promoted for people already on your fans list. Hold off on using promoted posts except for ones directly relevant toyour fans and leads. Don’t promote heavily, or you’ll turn people off.
4 – Micro-Target Your Ads
Facebook allows you a lot of precision in how you target your PPC ads, so make the most of it. The more precision-targeted a Facebook ad is, the more likely it is to get traction. So, don’t just target large demo groups. Targeting smaller niches will get you more results, for lower payouts.
5 – Vary Up Your Content
Facebook should be social, which means plenty of sharing. Don’t focus solely on your insurance business – share others’ content, or just things you come across and like. Give your business some personality through your choice of shares.

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