How to Set up a Google AdWords Express Account in under 15 Minutes

Insurance_Online_MarketingThere are a lot of components to insurance marketing online, including content marketing and SEO, but sometimes good old-fashioned advertisements are what you need to push your insurance business, especially among local visitors.

If you’ve never dealt with online pay-per-click ads before, Google offers a service that makes it quick and easy for anyone: AdWords Express. As a “stripped down” version of their more robust AdWords service, it creates a perfect entry point for those wanting to start experimenting with local PPC ads without doing a full nationwide campaign.
How easy is it? It only takes fifteen minutes to put your ad online!

Quick And Easy Insurance Marketing Online Through AdWords Express!

The entire process is extremely simple. We’ll go ahead and assume you have a basic Google account and\or a Gmail address. If not, signing up for their basic services is the first step. Also, if all you have is a personal email address, we’d strongly recommend creating a new account specifically for your insurance business.
From there, you get started by going to, and beginning the signup process. You only have to provide basic information about your business, including your address and phone number. It’s not even necessary to have a website although, of course, it certainly helps.
If your business doesn’t already have a full profile within Google, you’ll be asked to provide some more basic location information. While it’s not required to fully fill out this section, doing so will provide a boost to your SEO as well.
From there, you go straight to creating your first advertisement! Since these are text-only, they only take moments to set up. You can also choose exactly what your budget will be – how much you’ll pay per day, and how much per click.
Then you just fill in your payment information, and that’s truly all there is to it. Once set up, your AdWords Express account will continue to run 24/7, providing you with new insurance leads at low per-impression rates.
For instant insurance advertising, you can’t get much simpler than Google AdWords Express!

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