Is cold calling dead? How to find your next client via social marketing

Insurance_SalesDespite protests to the contrary, there’s little doubt that cold calling is on a decline, along with the rest of interruption-based marketing. While it’s still possible to drum up some insurance sales through cold calls, generally speaking, that well has a lot less water than it had a few years ago.

Social media is the new driving force behind insurance sales, in large part because it’s far friendlier to the customer. By making that social media connection with you, they’re knowingly opting-in to your marketing, instantly making them better leads.
If you’re new to social media, here are a few quick tips to help you hit the ground running!
Social Media Brings Better Leads Than Cold Calling!
For starters, the big three systems you should be on are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you can’t focus on any other social media, start with them.
The next step is to start posting interesting content to them. You don’t want to be solely promoting your insurance sales – you should be making a mix of posts on a variety of topics.
To get subscribers, there are variety of methods you can use:

  • Place social buttons on all of your website pages, blog posts, and video uploads.
  • Use trade shows as an opportunity to encourage social signups, in exchange for freebies.
  • Put your social contact info on your business card.
  • QR Codes on promotional materials make it easy for people to subscribe by scanning the code.
  • Join in discussions on LinkedIn, and impress people with your knowledge.
  • Hold contests among your social fans to drum up more subscribers.

Once people are subscribed and following you, you’ve got a steady base of leads as well as clients to promote you. This makes social media the superior platform when looking for quality leads!

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