How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing Insurance

In the world of social media, with Facebook and Twitter owning the spotlight, many insurance agencies overlook how powerful LinkedIn can be as a tool for both showcasing talent and as a major marketing strategy. With more than 135 million business professionals using the site, LinkedIn is a great resource that should be taken seriously. Rather than simply thinking of it as an online resume, there’s opportunity to be had by taking full advantage of all its features.

Master Your LinkedIn Presence

A LinkedIn profile is the base of your operations. Any post you make or status update you report will only be as strong as the profile that stands behind it. Be sure to not only add relevant information about yourself as a professional or about your agency’s achievements. Be sure to include websites, presentations, and articles to help build compelling content.

Invest Time and Be Social

LinkedIn has a massive user base, and it’s a platform that encourages interactions between members. Not only is this an effective way to connect with other professionals, it can be a great opportunity to develop rapport and establish yourself as an industry expert. LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers are both ways to encourage industry-related discourse and expand your audience and circle of influence. You may even be able to find information that you find valuable from other users as well.

Update Regularly

The adage “out of sight, out of mind” applies heavily to any social media marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter what kind of stellar content is on a company’s LinkedIn profile if the information doesn’t stay present and in front of users. Keep connections current, add new information when it becomes available, and post updates and links on a recurring basis to wow the audience and remind them of what you bring to the table. Every blog post and update will be available to anyone following you, which helps to build an engaged reader base.

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