How to Win Over Co-Workers in the Workplace: 3 Ideas to Live By

Work environments are often the best when you are working with truly wonderful people. Many times we may end up loving a job that did not always seem like what we wanted to do because of a great team. There are a few things you can do to show your co-workers that you truly appreciate them and to help enhance this positive team environment.

Respect Your Co-workers’ Time

Insurance agents are busy. Everyone is busy. There’s always more work than there is time in the workday. Therefore when you have a request of your co-worker, try not to disrupt their flow. If possible, make requests when they are in between tasks. However, there might be that unavoidable time where you have to take them away from the work they’re doing. Be sure to be kind and always thank them after they’ve helped you.
Keep office chitchat to a minimum. Yes, there will be a bit here and there. You don’t want to be the one constantly talking over your desk to them while they’re trying to get work done. Do not monopolize their time.

Sharing Credit

Whenever you are working on a project that requires any degree of collaboration, be sure to credit your co-worker when the job is done. Never take all the credit; word will get back to your co-workers, and it never looks good. Plus, it shows you are a fair person and that you can work well with team projects.

Be Positive

Be the person who says “hello” in the mornings and always greets everyone with a smile. Not only will it make your workday seem more enjoyable, you will end up creating a positive mood for everyone in the building. If you enjoy baking, bring in cookies for the office. You don’t have to do this every week, but once in a while it would help boost everyone’s mood.
Overall it’s not hard to be a good co-worker. The key things are simple: just be considerate and an all-around good person.

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