How to Repurpose Content to Grow Your Audience

One of the largest benefits of having ample content from your blogs and other social media outlets is that you can then take that content and repurpose it into a new format to avoid having to create something from scratch all over again. You work hard on all the content that you produce, so take the extra step with it and make sure all of your audience gets a chance to see it.

Why Repurpose Content?

Outside of saving time from having to create more original content, repurposing is a way to expand the reach of that content to a new audience. There are some people who prefer to consume most of their content visually while others are driven by words. This is a great way to take your best pieces and drive them to multiple audiences.

What Can You Repurpose?

When picking the content to repurpose, ask yourself these two questions to see if it is appropriate.

Is the content ageless?

Some pieces you create will be ageless or their relevancy will last a long time. These are the first pieces you should start repurposing. Since they do not age, you can continue to share these morsels of goodness with your audience for an extended period of time.
However, just because a piece of content has aged doesn’t mean you can’t revamp it in order to make it relevant again. If you can update the content with some simple edits and it is still valuable knowledge to your audience, go for it.

Can the content take a new format?

Most content can take other forms; blogs can turn into videos, content from Twitter can turn into a blog, etc. Ideally, you want to be able to easily visualize what this other format is. What you do not want is to try to force something into an unsuitable form. For instance, maybe you really want to create an infographic, but you cannot find blog that translates well. If you go ahead and create this content, the chances of it being good are slim and your engagement on that content may be low on social media. Find a form that suits the content at hand and work from there to create the newly repurposed content that will drive people to you.

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