How To Write Great Insurance Client Emails

Since the early 1990s, email has become a fact of modern life. However, much like the paper-based mail that inspired it, most people have an overflowing inbox. Some of the emails are “junk” or “spam” sent to take advantage of the unsuspecting. However, other emails that are potentially of value to the recipient are ignored because they do not stand out in the flood of mail. How can you write better emails to your insurance clients that actually get opened and read? Some good rules of thumb are to make your emails readable, keep them to a proper length, and to write eye-catching subject lines.

Make Your Emails Easy To Read

Making your emails readable involves writing precisely but naturally. Do not use a complicated word if a simple one that captures the same meaning is available. Many word processors come with a “readability statistics” feature that analyzes your text. This will help you keep your sentences to a reasonable length and avoid confusing structures. Do this for all of your email marketing, even monthly newsletters.

Keep Your Messages Short

Emails need to be a proper length for their subject matter. If your email is simply an invitation to a phone call about an insurance policy, it should not be padded with unnecessary comments. If you need to write a longer email to explain all the relevant information, make sure it is organized in a way that is easy for the reader to skip around.

Use The Right Subject Line

Crafting a good subject line is the key to getting your email read. According to email automation service MailChimp, you should keep your subject line to less than 50 characters. You should also avoid selling the information in the email too hard. Rather, let the subject speak for itself. You may find it easiest to write the subject line after you have finished writing the body of the email.

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