Back to the Roots: Classic Insurance Marketing Methods

Old Marketing Tricks That Still Work

Being fully immersed in the digital age, it can be easy to forget the basics of traditional marketing. Remember that some of the most effective ways to market don’t always have to be about email, SEO, and social media. Here are few traditional marketing methods that can freshen up your way of doing things.

Snail Mail vs. Email

People deal with hundreds of emails every day. It is easy for your message to get lost due to email overload. Try shaking things up with your clients by sending them some physical mail. When a physical flyer arrives in the mail, the reader can’t just delete it and forget it.

Meaningful Interactions

Do you know your client list personally? Take the time to reach out to your clients and check up on them. Ask if there have been any big life changes recently. Life changes can be distracting, and clients may forget to update their insurance information. Connecting with your clients is a good way to show that you care about them.


Find something trendy, and put your name or agency on it! Remember fidget spinners? (add in link). In 2017, fidget spinners were everywhere. They’re fun, simple to use, simple to make, and cheap. They made the perfect promo item for giveaways. Find an item that your audience would find useful and relevant to your agency. For example, a USB drive with your contact information and logo. Use these types of giveaways at conventions, meetings with potential clients, or even send them through the snail mail to your current clients along with a thank you message.
With advertisers all over the internet, it can be easy for your client to feel overwhelmed. Take the time to do something different that will stand out, be useful, and also show that you care. Your client will definitely notice. Keep up to date with more industry news here.

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