Marketing Tactics ~ Estimate vs. Proposal

Have you thought about the difference between an estimate and a proposal? How could this affect a potential client buying decision? You are an insurance agent, meeting with a new client for the first time and they tell you to send them an estimate of the cost of coverage for their new business. After going over their needs, you send them a one page estimate of possible coverage. Sometimes the information can be confusing to the client in this form. Remember this should be more like a presentation not a summary. Clients want to know what they are getting and why they need it. A proposal gives you the opportunity to focus on the explanation of the coverage and its policy information.

What should I include in a well-organized proposal?

  1. Create a folder for your new potential client; the folder should have your business logo and or professional headshot printed on it.
  2. In one of the pockets insert a one page bio about you and your office team.
  3. Attach a business card so that if they have any questions, your contact information is easy for them to find.
  4. Encourage your client to read reviews about you, also connect with you on LinkedIn and Google+.
  5. Your proposal should be as detailed as possible. This is your chance to show your client on paper how each policy can not only benefit them but protect their assets.

These are simple steps you could take to writing more policies for your insurance agency. Proposals can also help the buyer discover questions and answers to topics they may not have thought about when meeting with you.

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