Power of the Like Button – Social Media

MiniCo - Power of LikesWhen social media was created, the like button was just for pictures and personal postings. Now days, social media is being used as a marketing tool in every type of industry. Companies have incorporated social media as part of their annual operational budgets. Value is there if you put the work into it. Results will come over time, not overnight.

Below are a few reasons the Like button is so important in insurance marketing:

Did you know that when you hit the like button, other friends and family can see the things you like? As for a business, marketing products they provide, we want potential clients to see our company’s page in their news feed too. So what better way to start with your friends and family? Encourage them to look at your page and see why you are the best at what you do! Ask them to share your post and say something exciting about your business. As your Like page grows, start to encourage your clients to like and rate as well. The result will be more leads and more policies for you.
Search for your local and national insurance associations, like their page and stay connected with news that could be important to your business. The associations offer information or host classes for continuous education and various workshops.

Lhea Inzalaco
MiniCo Insurance Agency

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