Self-Storage Marketing | How To Make Twitter Work For You

Twitter MiniCo Blog - MarketingDo you know what Twitter is or how to use it? Do you use a social media platform to market your business? Twitter can be a great marketing tool when looking to increase the knowledge of your brand. There are many reasons someone would want to follow a person or a brand on Twitter. This tool can help them stay in the loop with events, ideas and or even the latest trends.

Here are some useful tips on how to make Twitter work for you:

  1. Go through your following and create a list of conversations, people in your industry and people that may inspire you to be successful.
  2. Be sure to update your profile picture with a photo that is a professional headshot or a company logo.
  3. Customize your page. Twitter allows you to customize the look and color of your page. This can help you provide additional information about your business.
  4. Write a professional bio about yourself. Be sure to include future goals and information about your work/school background.
  5. Be on the lookout for conversation opportunities and get involved in discussions.
  6. Make sure to add your Twitter name to all your business materials.
  7. Post at least two tweets a day.

Twitter is made to interact and have conversations with people and businesses. You can listen by reading tweets, looking for replies and company mentions in the news feeds. Searching for your business name can help you see who’s talking about your company and give you a chance to interact and follow them. Getting involved can be a great start to help increase your exposure on Twitter!

Lhea Inzalaco
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