The Importance Of A Local Focus For Insurance Agents

Every business professional has been inundated with the “mass market” approach of internet marketing, including how to create an effective online marketing strategy. While it’s important to develop an overall online program, it’s crucial for most independent agents to focus on our own local market, both online and off.

You Local Market Is Unique

Every market is different. From demographics to competition, local economy and social trends, every single community is going to have its own unique makeup. Those factors all influence the market and help define it in various ways.
To succeed, insurance companies and agents should focus on their local presence and take pride in it. You should understand the value of your existence within a specific community or region and how much that matters to customers. Local offices help insurance agents support the commitment to clients: to be available, to be responsive, and to solve problems.

Your Local Advantage

When you implement an effective local presence, you have a lot to gain. You will have a firsthand understanding of your local market and what it needs, opportunities for face-to-face interaction with clients, and more. The close relationships that you can build matter to your business as an insurance professional. Being able to work together “offline” can result in more efficient problem solving on your part for your customer.

Make The Commitment

This is going to require a more significant investment in marketing by the insurance provider, but it is always going to be worth it. Take the time to align client needs with what your company offers. Look at not just what you offer, but how it is offered. That will help you formulate your local marketing approach and presence. Make sure that your company has a properly configured local online presence, at both Google and social media. The local approach easily meets the expectations of customers who want a company that is responsive, available, and able to resolve their issues.

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