The Value Of Customer Relations Management For Insurance Agents

Many independent insurance agents are using digital marketing to get more leads, but not all agencies are utilizing a customer relations management platform (CRM) to maximize the return on these leads. By organizing and automating leads, your agency will make more sales and save time.

Why Use A CRM?

A customer relationship management system is the one of the best tools an independent insurance agent can have. CRMs are the “Rolodex” of the digital age and can be used to help in nearly all aspects of marketing, both online and offline. CRMs are great for keeping contact records for all of your potential, existing and former clients in one centralized spot.
A CRM is an integral part of any online marketing system. Without this critical tool, your digital marketing efforts will be less productive. Using a CRM will help you to save time and keep you far more organized. Many CRMs have a lead scoring feature to help you gauge the “warmth” of your leads and contacts. Overall, a CRM makes follow-up easier while also leading to more sales.

Maximize Existing Clients

The one thing that you never want to overlook is the extra sales potential that exists with your current or former clients. You already have the advantage of knowing their contact details, so all you need to do is work your list of leads. Customer relationship management software, lead generation software and other digital marketing assets are helpful tools for maximizing their business.
You can always open up your CRM and check in with existing or former clients to ask if they have any needs that you can help them with. These thoughtful contacts could lead to a sale. You can also send occasional emails to clients using your CRM.

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