Using Email to Boost Your SEO

It may come as a surprise, but email can help boost your SEO and website ranking. If your email list is full of clients or potential clients who have found you through other sources outside of your website, then their email addresses may be a great way to build site discovery. Specifically, you may yield a lot of first-time visits to your website via an email campaign.

Reduce Bounce Rates

Your bounce rate can affect your website rating if it is not too strong. Different types of advertising can come with varying bounce rates. In this case, if your email lists are full of people who have already shown substantial interest in your agency or at least are aware of you, you can expect to see the click-through traffic to your site lead to a lower bounce rate. You will have to check your bounce rates using Google Analytics.

Social Shares 

Email in which you are sharing content can encourage readers to share that content. As a result, the pages shared may rank higher.


While it’s not recommended to send out an email campaign just asking for reviews, you could put it in the footer of a few campaigns with a link to your Yelp, Google, or Facebook page with a brief note asking readers to rate your services. Doing this could encourage your current clients to leave a positive note about their experience with you. All those reviews generate pushes for your agency online, which can positively affect your website rank.

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