Using Google Analytics to Change Your Marketing Strategy

If your agency has a website that is not utilizing Google Analytics, then you are essentially running around in the dark. Even if there is not a dedicated marketing person on your team, this web analysis tool is still an important thing to have.

First, Google Analytics allows you to easily see how many people are coming to your website. It then allows you to break down that number into different demographics such as age, location, and gender. If you are getting a heavy amount of traffic from people not in your target market, it may be worth examining what you are doing online to attract that audience.

Setting up Google Analytics can be an easy, pain-free process. Generally, all that’s involved is putting a tracking code into the header of your page. Google has a great setup guide to help you get started.

Once you’ve gone through setup and allowed time for the tool to collect some data, take a little time to figure out where most of your traffic is coming from. If you are already taking advantage of social media, it’ll be important now to figure out which one of your networks is yielding the most referrals. Having this knowledge is imperative when you are forced to delegate your time as it allows you to make sure you are spending it on a platform that shows results.

Look at your organic traffic and see what search terms people are using to find your website. Are they relevant? Use this information to check the strength of your search engine optimization (SEO) or put some of that knowledge to work in Adwords when you are ready to do some pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Without Google Analytics, you are operating in the dark when it comes to your website’s effectiveness. There’s no reason to continue on without this insight. It’s free and a tool that any agency should be utilizing to monitor their website’s performance.

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