2 Keys To A Great Sales Call

Making a good insurance sales call can require a well-crafted script and a little research before you pick up the phone. To maximize that chances that you’re going to turn your lead into sale, it’s important to both know what you hope to achieve from the call and also that you’re getting through to the right person.

Know why you’re calling

Have a goal and keep it brief. Your ultimate goal is to make a sale, and using the right techniques will take you a long way toward closing a lead.
A compelling script backed by solid information will ensure that you are eloquent and will keep you on point. Delivering your script with good manners and a pleasant demeanor will help you get a foot in the door to the right contact person or decision maker.

Do your homework

One call to a large company may yield two or three times the revenue that successful calls to smaller outfits or individuals might generate. Research the best person in a company to call. Learn a little about the person and organization before making any sales call.
Once you’ve identified a decision maker, positive assertiveness with any gatekeeper helps get your call through to the prospect. Present the call as one that is expected, and ask to speak to a particular individual. Start by immediately and politely identifying yourself when the person you are calling answers.
Asking about their schedule shows that you realize they are busy and assures them you will only take a few minutes to quickly talk about your product. Acknowledging the value of their time while emphasizing the value of your services may start a conversation.
There is a possibility they may keep talking even if they initially say no. If they are not available when you call, ask for a good time to call them again. Admit you are not sure who might be the decision maker. They may refer you to a better prospect or the key decision maker in the home or business.

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