6 Ways To Get More Leads

Leads are obviously essential to growing your business or getting a new one off the ground. We’re all familiar with the most common approaches to getting leads, but many times the most successful insurance agents also rely on additional methods. The following are six ways to generate more leads:

Video Tips

A video with helpful tips is something that your customers can share online. Make sure that the content is professional and any humor used in the video is appropriate for the workplace. Always link content to your website.

Time-Sensitive Offers

Create time-sensitive promotional content to create urgency among prospects. The free consultation or discounted offer should be for a specific amount of time so customers are motivated to act soon to avoid missing out.

Customer Surveys

Customer referrals are a simple way to get leads. A simple survey can gather insight about your customer service experience. Included at the end of a survey should be an option to solicit referrals from customers.

In-House Rewards System

Establish a rewards system for referrals generated. Give bonuses to employees and team members who produce leads for the company. This keeps team members personally invested in producing leads.

Offer Informative Resources

Any agent can pass out brochures with pricing information. Offering informative materials that customers would find useful can actually be much more effective in identifying prospects. Start with answering the most commonly asked questions when developing materials.

Integrate Offline And Online Marketing

With the right consistency and branding, your online and offline marketing can be synergistic. By attending networking events, conferences and seminars, and also promoting the company through social media efforts, you can amplify your lead-generation results.

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