7 Tips To Build Your Agency’s Social Media Presence

Establishing and maintaining a powerful social media presence is an important task for any business. Regardless of the size of your insurance agency, social media can be an invaluable tool to connect with your clients, employees, and other partner businesses.
Here is a look at 7 simple and effective tips that will help you improve your social media presence today.

  1. Create Specific Goals

Before setting off on this journey, it is important to sit down and write out some actual goals. These goals can be as simple as hitting a benchmark for followers or increasing the amount of traffic to your website through social media.

  1. Update Your Content

Few things are as damaging to your social media presence as outdated posts and pictures. Take a few moments to update your pictures, posts, and contact information before moving on to any complex tasks.

  1. Focus On Specific Platforms

Companies with a full-time social media management team may be able to keep a dozen accounts active at all times, but that is unrealistic for many small insurance agencies. Instead, pick three or four platforms that are ideal for your industry and focus on those specific accounts.

  1. Create A Timeline For Updates

Regularly releasing pertinent and up-to-date content is vital. Use a calendar to mark down the dates and times you will be updating your accounts and then stay consistent with your goals.

  1. Nurture The Community

As your presence begins to grow, take some time to interact with followers of your accounts. Social media should be seen as a platform that allows you to interact with other parties on a personal level.

  1. Reach Out To Industry Leaders

Posting good content is a necessary part of this process, but you also want to start looking at what other industry leaders are saying. Feel free to respond, share, and interact with your network.

  1. Take Advantage Of Analytical Tools

Every social media manager should have a handful of analytical tools at their disposal. If you are not taking the time to look at what works and what doesn’t work, then much of your work could be wasted.

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