4 Tips for Video Marketing for Insurance Agencies

Some insurance agencies might not understand the value that using videos for marketing can offer. According to one study, 59 percent of consumers prefer to watch a video than read the same information in text. Consumers who watch videos are also 72 percent more likely to buy the related product or service. Plus, Google rewards companies for posting videos on their websites by placing them higher on search engine results than companies that don’t.
As an independent insurance agency, you may struggle to find content for your videos, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. To take advantage of the benefits of video for digital marketing, you can follow a few simple tips.

Subscribe to Rival or Expert Blogs

Looking at what your rivals are doing on social media platforms allows you to gather information about what consumers are interested in hearing and talking about. Contributing to comments and participating on expert blogs establishes you as an expert, which allows you to increase how much the community knows about, likes and trusts you.

Set Up Google Alerts

Google Alerts are a great way to generate ideas. The content from alerts is curated into articles and posts that arrive in your email every day. You can use them to pick out content about mobile apps and the types of services that your agency offers.

Create an Idea List from Your Own Experience

This sounds like the simplest way to generate video marketing ideas, but you might get stumped after writing down a few. Get over this hump by asking your customer service staff about the questions that your customers frequently ask. You could even break down a single question in two or more topics for 60-second videos on each topic.

Develop a Content Chart

Give yourself a visual method of organizing the content that you have used and may use to create videos. If you put ideas and existing videos on a chart, it can greatly help to organize your thoughts and even come up with more content.

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