Building Engagement on Facebook

Organic Facebook engagement and reach seem to be harder and harder to come by as a lot of social media moves toward a pay-to-play model. Regardless, there are still a few ways you can drive engagement on your agency’s Facebook. 

Curate content that is helpful to your audience

While posting your content on Facebook is a great way to share and educate your audience about your agency and your services, you need to be putting out a variety of content. That range may be viable for a small agency or independent agent. This is where 30 minutes to an hour of curating a week can help keep your page alive with content. Remember when curating content to check these two items.

  1. You’ve read the content and can align your agency with its message. The last thing you want to do is share something based on an entirely misleading headline and have your audience question why you shared it.
  2. It’s related to your agency, coverages, or overall branding in some way. While dog videos may be cute and generate all sorts of comments, it might not be the best item to share unless your dog is a mascot for your brand or you offer pet insurance.

Use Different Post Types

There is a handy feature located within Facebook Insights that allows you to view all your posts in relation to type and which one of those types is getting the most views and engagement.

The trend that most users are seeing is that video views are getting the most reach in both organic and paid posts. This is something to keep in mind as you are putting together a content strategy. You may want to delegate more time to video.

Bring People to Your Facebook Page

Drive people to your Facebook page from other channels. You could do this merely by including your Facebook page in a tweet or making sure it’s easy to locate on your website and email blasts. During trade shows and events, create some contests where the winners will be determined based on whether they are following you on Facebook. Or mention that you’re going to post the winners to your Facebook page later that day, encouraging them to visit and like your page.

With these tips you can expect to see your Facebook engagement increase. While you’re at it, why don’t you give our Facebook page a look?

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