What Could Insurance Agents do With Twitter?

Twitter is often not the first place that many agents consider to increase their traffic and brand awareness, but used correctly it can do just that. 

Finding Your Target Audience

When looking to expand your audience, the first thing you need to do is to examine the audience you are already serving. Make notes about your clients keep track of the similarities they may share. While there’s probably a lot you may already know about your clients, there is always a chance that you’ll discover insights that can aid you in the future.

When you have a few ideas about finding more people in your target audience, you can take advantage of Twitter advertising to be seen by that audience.

Customer Support

More people than ever are using social media to connect with brands and companies, and many of them are reaching out for support or with questions. If you search on Twitter for some of your favorite brands, you might find that the larger ones even have a separate account just dedicated to support. Now unless your agency is enormous and receiving a lot of requests daily, you probably won’t need to take that step. However, it’s good to familiarize yourself with what others are doing and how they are responding to customer questions and even complaints via Twitter. Even with the increase character limit, it can still be hard to answer all concerns, and you will want to make sure your tone is not easily misinterpreted.

By using Twitter as a way to offer support for your clients, you are also getting a chance to deliver social proof that you are serving your clients. Since the conversation is public, be sure not to ask for any sensitive information. Once initial contact has been made, take the discussion to a private channel through Twitter’s Direct Messaging platform or even ask for them to reach out through telephone or email.

Explore and Build a Community

A definite advantage to Twitter is the ability to build and participate in different communities by utilizing hashtags. For instance, when you are at an industry event, be sure to join in the event hashtag and join the conversation. Don’t do this only at industry events but also smaller local events that your clients may be more likely to attend.

If you already have a small active audience, you could create a hashtag for members to engage with as a means of fostering your community. If your agency offers collectibles coverage, this could be your chance to encourage your clients to share images of their collections and communicate with one another about their hobbies. Even a few members of a community can expand the range of your visibility and likely will introduce you to new clients with interests similar to your existing clients.

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