How Not To Get Insurance Leads

There are a great many times we talk about how to get leads, but rarely do we talk about the mistakes we should avoid when trying to run a profitable agency.

Not Calling Right Away

For every minute that the lead does not get a phone call, your chances of making a successful contact drop dramatically. When a new lead comes into the system, do not wait or hesitate – call them ASAP. It can be especially easy at the end of a work day to say you’ll just wait until the morning, but push yourself to give them a call right away.

Too Many Leads

Believe it or not, you can have too many leads in your CRM. You may be making a huge marketing push to get fresh leads, but find yourself unable to properly reach out to each of them as they come in. This can be a large problem depending on how high your cost to acquisition is with your marketing.
You may be thinking that it is fine, you’ll get to them all eventually, and it is better to just have them in the database, right? WRONG. Remember what we just said about how if you can’t contact leads right away they may fade away? Well, that means you may be wasting all the money you are putting into marketing. Lower your marketing budget and get caught up on your pond. If you have a huge number of untouched leads, it may be a good idea to hire a few callers to help you get through your CRM.

Not Reaching Out to Old Leads

I know we just said that old leads are less likely to convert, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a small consistent drip email campaign set up for them. This, for the most part, can be completely automated. Set up an automatic email to be sent every 1 to 3 months to keep them aware of your policies. There is no reason to let leads grow ice cold. Keep your brand on their mind.
Hopefully, you can take these concepts and make sure you and your team are doing your best to avoid making these mistakes.

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