Continuous Learning and the Independent Agent

With technology, information and knowledge are readily available to us. If you want to succeed as an independent agent, you need to be constantly ready to learn. Luckily, because of technology, there’s a lot that you can learn for free. There are many different classes offered through free “open university” courses that can help you to gain a new skill or expand upon what you already know.

Independent agents and those in small agencies are close to the day-to-day action of the operation. In other works, you are the people running the show. If you’re not going to take the time to improve your skills, another agent will. Everything around us is in a constant state of change, and it can feel very overwhelming. Just remember you don’t have to keep up with everything.

Stay plugged in to what is happening in your industry or industry niche. Then try to set learning goals for your performance reviews. Take a little time and find some webinars that will teach you something useful. Free online courses are also a great way to expand your knowledge, especially if you are interested in learning more about marketing or communication.

Lastly, stay in the loop and stay motivated in this endeavor by finding a meetup group in your area. Many of these groups host talks and provide a number of learning opportunities. They also wouldn’t be a bad spot to offer a talk yourself. Who knows? It could even lead to referral opportunities in the future.

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