What Needs to be in Your Sales Pitch

Fine-tuning your sales pitch can be a difficult task to accomplish. That being said, the task doesn’t need to be exceptionally daunting. Keep in mind these four easy ways to keep your pitch sounding sharp.
Do Your Research
When you are meeting with a client, be sure you have done as much research as possible about who they are and what their needs might be. This is doubly true when the client is a business or operator. If the information isn’t readily available, have a list of questions ready to ask them. This is especially important if they themselves are unsure about the types of services they need.
Tell Who You Serve
A nice way to start your pitch is to explain to them who your client base generally is and fit it to their sphere of interest. For example, “I generally work with self-storage operators in the Phoenix area.” Being able to tell them who you generally work with gives you authority and credibility to work with people of similar backgrounds. Having this in your sales pitch helps to convey that you can probably deal with any potential problems they might have and that you are trusted within this industry.
Show Your Success
Take this part of your sales pitch a step further by having customer success stories or testimonials ready to share. Even placing a printed flyer of testimonials in your sales packet is a way to share this information with your prospect.
Treat Them With Respect
This one should be obvious, but whenever you are dealing with a potential client be sure you are giving them ample respect. There are many ways to demonstrate this. Sometimes it’s as simple as not trying to force a sale or being respectful of their time.

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