Email Like It’s 2018: Part 1

Email Like It’s 2018: Part 1

It’s not 1990 anymore. Of all the tech that has come and gone in the past 20+ years, email is still here. Emails are being used every day in every industry and in many ways. You are probably already using email to communicate to your clients and leads; however, are you doing it right? This is part one of two posts focusing on emails and proper email marketing. Part two will go into more detail about email marketing and ways to use email for your agency.

Get the most out of your emails

  • Personalization
  • Email list
  • Subject line


Recently in “Making Yourself Accessible to Your Leads” it was noted how important it is to have the signature on your email formatted. Your email signature is a great way for you to represent yourself and your personality alongside the brand of your agency. Make sure your signature is formal and includes your agency’s logo and contact information. However, when replying to a client or a lead, your signature doesn’t have to be as formal. Just signing your response with your first name, or an abbreviated version of your longer signature is enough when you are responding to an email. There are options in the email settings on your computer and phone to customize your initial signature and your responding email signature. Update the signature on your cell phone!

Email List

Keep your email list fresh. Be sure to file any requests from recipients who want to unsubscribe. Don’t let your agency gain a reputation as a spammer, plus there are potential legal issues involved. Remove any emails from the list that are inactive or nonexistent. Inactive accounts will cause your email campaign statistics to be flawed. If 5 percent of the contacts on your list are bad emails, the percentage of the number of people that have or haven’t opened and read your email will be skewed by 5 percent.

Subject Line

Remember your brand. No one wants to receive a boring or vague email subject line. However, you also don’t want to come off as click bait either. Experiment with your subject lines and see which ones work better for the audience you are sending the email to or the content that you’re sending out. If you’re sending your email campaign to readers that are a younger demographic, they may react better to a more atypical style of headline. This means a headline that is a little flashier, uses a joke or pun, or uses slang. An older recipient or reader that’s been with your agency for a while may be more likely to open up an email if the subject line is more direct and to the point. It’s all about experimenting and seeing what works best for your readers.

Professional and Captivating

There are a large number of variables that can be incorporated into your email campaigns. Make your messages about you and your agency and keep them interesting. You want to grab your readers’ attention in an enticing yet professional way. Stay tuned for our next blog that will discuss content and other ideas for your future email campaigns.
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