Using Drones for Business Operations

Using Drones for Business Operations

Not that long ago, drones were a sci-fi fantasy: amazing and cutting-edge technology that only the military or the ultra-wealthy could afford. Now that drones have become more affordable, they are being utilized in intriguing ways by a number of industries.

  • Claims adjusting
  • Product delivery
  • Automated tasks
  • Privacy and liability concerns


The insurance industry was quick to see the value of drones, particularly for claims. In the past whenever natural disasters caused widespread damage, insurance companies would dispatch a team of human adjusters wielding cameras. While the use of a drone is unlikely to fully replace human claims adjusters, drones are being used to perform various important tasks. A drone can quickly photograph and collect data about damaged property. A drone can also be sent into structures that are not safe for humans to enter. In addition, relieving the need for claims adjusters to climb roofs can help improve safety and possibly reduce the number of workers’ compensation claims.
It’s a good bet that your clients are also finding ways to use drone technology. With companies like Amazon introducing the concept of delivery via drone, it’s realistic to predict that other companies will follow suit. While it may be a concept that still seems a bit of a stretch, some businesses are already using drones to perform small tasks in office settings. In Japan, drones have been used to blast annoying music at employees that are working too many hours and won’t go home.
Have you thought about how adding drones to business operations could impact your clients? A fleet of drones is something that your clients would need to have insured. What about the privacy issues involved with sending drones armed with video capability to customers’ homes? And then there are issues of pilot and/or operator liability if a drone is involved in an accident causing bodily injury or property damage.
While you might not be ready to install drones in your agency’s office, your clients may be subject to exposures of which neither they nor you are aware. It’s a conversation to consider at their next coverage review. Keep up to date with industry news here. 

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