Using Emojis to Boost Online Engagement on Social Media

Emojis have taken over how we communicate to one another online and through messages. They are a new visual language. However, what you might not know about emojis is that they are increasing engagements by over 25% as compare to emoji-free updates on social media. 
What can you start doing to take advantage of that added reach while maintaining a visually professional account on social media?
Know that just because the use of emojis is improving the reach of social media posts, it does not mean you should load up every single tweet and status update with them. The first thing you need to accomplish is to learn the language and become fluent in the meaning of each emoji character. By using emojis on social accounts, you are adding a more human quality to your updates.
Figure out if there’s a platform that works best for you to incorporate emojis. For instance, a lot of companies primarily use emojis on Twitter, but prefer to keep their Facebook pages clean and emoji-free. Emoji use may not be appropriate for every platform you use. Remember not to overdo the amount of emojis in your updates and continue to experiment to find out what is working with your audience.
Twitter has seen such a growth in the number of emojis being tweeted out that they recently added an emoji keyboard to their site, which makes emoji use on their platform accessible no matter what type of device you are using.
Once you’ve started your experimentation, be sure to let us know how it goes! You can find us on our twitter page @MinicoInsurance. We can’t wait to see your updates.

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