Key Social Networks to Stay on Top of This Summer

There are now around seven different social channels for posting content, and even seasoned teams of social media coordinators are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Let’s break down which platforms you need to be focusing on as an independent insurance agent.

When you look at all the options, the three most popular social platforms at the moment are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, Instagram is not very far behind LinkedIn. Ultimately your decision to use LinkedIn or Instagram may depend on who your primary clients are.

If you are selling insurance geared towards other businesses, then focus your efforts heavily on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a great B2B marketing, although you still can’t ignore the dominating force of Facebook and Twitter. If you are in the consumer market, you might want to shift to using Instagram over company updates on LinkedIn.

Once you have decided on which platforms to push for this summer, make sure to come up with a strategy relevant to each network. For Facebook, what if you made sure to plan at least one live video a month? Put it on a consistent schedule, and maybe even add a theme related to the season.

If you offer a summer internship at your agency, maybe spread the word on your local Facebook channel and your company’s LinkedIn page. Once you have your interns in place, put them in charge of writing a blog each week about their experiences working in the industry. This is a great way to create employee-created content that will share well on channels like Facebook, and it helps your interns build a record of what they’ve learned through the program.

To recap, identify the channels you will focus on this summer and use every available resource to your advantage. Brainstorm and find creative ways to continue developing online content.

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