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Collectors represent a unique group of investors, and it may be precisely this reason why the world of collectibles is as unpredictable as it is adventurous. Some categories of collectibles represent million-dollar investments. Water damage, theft, and even the occasional “Oops, I dropped it” can be significant risk exposures for your client’s collection.

As an insurance agent, you can help your client protect the full appreciated value of their investment with a specialized collectibles insurance policy. Collectors who aren’t aware of this type of monoline coverage may be defaulting to coverage under a standard homeowner’s policy, which is not designed to protect items that are expected to appreciate. High-value collections displayed in a corporate office or other commercial setting also need specific coverage, usually best accessed through a monoline collectibles insurance policy.

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Our exclusive program offers:

  • Carrier rated “A” by AM Best
  • $0 deductible and competitive premiums
  • Coverage up to $1,000,000 (higher limits available)
  • Coverage for full collectible value
  • Nationwide availability
  • No appraisal required at application for most collectible categories
  • No minimum production requirements
  • Competitive commissions

Expanded Capacity for jewelry and Watches

You Asked. We Answered! MiniCo has added an additional carrier partner specifically to address private collections valued up to $10 million.

Target classes include:

  • Wine and spirits
  • Fine art
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Musical instruments
  • Clocks, Toys, miniatures, and more

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Industry Insights

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Talk to Your Clients About Collectibles
Agent opportunity: Talk to your clients about collectibles insurance

Do your commercial clients own valuable collections? If you don’t know…ask them! MiniCo’s exclusive Collectibles program is an ideal solution for a wide range of collectibles. From the sports memorabilia in a CEO’s office to the fine art collection in a corporate headquarters, MiniCo can cover it. Our agent portal makes it easy to go from quote to bind to policy issuance in as little as an hour.

Collections as Investments
Collections as an investment opportunity

Worldwide art and antiques sales topped $65 billion in 2022, and the market is appreciating to pre-pandemic valuations. Collectors with a passion for other categories of items – stamps, memorabilia, rare books, toys, and more – are using their keen interest and extensive knowledge to carve out investment strategies among a wide variety of niche collectibles. Obtaining specialized insurance is a key component of protecting these valuable investments.

Value in Specialized Collectibles Policy
What is the value of a specialized monoline collectibles policy?

Serious collectors invest a huge amount of time and money curating their collections. Seeking out specialized insurance coverage is a critical step in protecting these investments. MiniCo’s Collectibles program provides all-risk coverage with limits up to $1 million (with higher limits available), insures the items for their full collectible (appreciated) value, and claims do not impact the policyholder’s homeowner’s or renter’s policy.

Collectibles Portal
MiniCo’s Collectibles portal makes it easy to get a quote

MiniCo offers a simple quoting portal for agents to streamline the submission process, and there’s no appointment needed to get a quote. Applications are reviewed by a MiniCo underwriter and approved or sent to a referral underwriter. Typically, an agent can bind the policy in as little as an hour for most submissions or within 24 hours for more complex risks.

If They Collect it, We'll Cover it
What does MiniCo mean by “If they collect it, we’ll cover it”?

There are several standard collectibles categories that MiniCo covers under its monoline Collectibles program, but we can cover hundreds more! MiniCo’s policy provides coverage for collections up to $1 million, with the capacity to write up to $4 million through our A-rated carrier. We stand by our claim that “If they collect it, we’ll cover it.”

Best Practices for Jewelry
Best practices for jewelry care

When it comes to treasured jewelry pieces, such as engagement rings, wedding sets, or heirloom pieces, regular maintenance and appraisals are very important. Jewelry that is worn frequently needs to be cleaned and inspected by a professional for issues such as loose settings to minimize the risk of losing a diamond or other precious gem. Appraisals every 2-3 years are helpful for adjusting the insurance policy to reflect the current valuation.

Insuring Wine, Bourbon, and Other Spirits
Insuring wine, bourbon, and other spirits with MiniCo’s Collectibles program

MiniCo’s Collectibles insurance program specializes in wine collections as well as collections of bourbon and other spirits. Our expertise in protecting high-value collections provides expanded opportunities for agents and peace of mind for their clients.

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