Picking The Type of Content to Curate on Facebook

Curated content is vital to running a successful social media account. However, the concept can seem a bit backward because you’re posting other people’s content on your social channel. Wouldn’t you rather send those people back to your site or engage with original content made by you?

But remember that if you are not fully backed by a huge marketing team, you are not going to have an abundance of time to do everything. The biggest limitations you may face when trying to create a marketing campaign are a lack of time and a lack of budget.

Curating content is an effective way to combat that lack of time. However, you can’t just share any content or content that you yourself might like; you need it to match your brand. You really need to have an understanding of your audience before you start curating appropriate content. Hopefully, you know who your audience is and have some ideas of the type of content they would like.

For instance, if a lot of your clients are local small business owners, you could curate content related to that topic. Posting business articles or notices about local events happening in your community could create great relationships and improve the level of engagement you see on your page.

Or if you’re an independent agent who has incorporated your personal identity into your brand, feel free to share appropriate content along those lines. As an example, let’s say you are an agent who is also a mother and entrepreneur. If your audience aligns with this sort of brand image, it’s possible to curate content that is a blend of business, insurance and even parenting articles or videos.

The biggest tip here is that if you are sharing or posting content on Facebook found from around the web, you should make sure to read or watch the content first. Remember that by sharing you are ultimately endorsing the content. Therefore it would be best to avoid accidentally endorsing your competitor or sharing content that has no substance. Remember, sometimes people create really clever headlines just to have people blindly share their work without actually reading to see if the headline matches the content of the pieces.

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