Includes statuettes that represent human, deity, or animal figures made of stone, clay, ceramic, metal, glass, wood or plastic.

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Includes vintage and collectible wine, wine containers and their contents, storage units, climate-control systems, wine furnishings and accessories.

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Includes rare, unique, or novel items of personal interest including but not limited to: construction sets, dolls, animals, stuffed animals, miniatures, vehicles, puzzles, games, promotional merchandise, educational items, etc.  

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Stamp Collections

Includes rare stamps. "Rare" means having an unusual quality, merit or appeal and is seldom found.  

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Rocks and Minerals

Includes rocks and mineral specimens, but excludes cut and uncut precious and semi-precious stones as well as gems.

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Includes Christmas, garden, lawn, peak ornaments (used under the peak of the eaves of a building), ornamental plants, etc.

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Movie Memorabilia

Includes rare, unique or novel items of personal interest including posters, programs, prints, collectible photographs and autographs, or similar items.

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Model Trains

Includes locomotives, rolling stock, streetcars, tracks, signaling, roads, vehicles, buildings, model figures, lights and features such as streams, hills and canyons or the like.

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Includes articles of personal adornment generally containing antique and designer gemstones, silver, gold, platinum, or other precious metals or alloys. This includes items that may contain pearls, and precious and semi-precious stones. Unset or uncut precious and semi-precious and precious gemstones do not qualify for this jewelry policy.

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Guns and Related Equipment

Includes rare and antique firearms. "Rare" means having an unusual quality, merit or appeal and is seldom found. "Antique" means 40 years or more of age.

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Includes rare, unique or novel items of personal interest made of glass, which includes but is not limited to glassware, tableware, vases, decorative ornaments, etc.

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Includes garments trimmed with fur or consisting principally of fur.

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